Russell Aaron

Master of Pressing Words

“The good ones sweat it. Because sweating it makes you one of the good ones.”

“I started out like everyone else. I started dabbling in web design and web development until I saw that everything was quickly shifting to this online presence known as the internet.” Since 2003, Russell started designing custom myspace layouts for friends and bands. Aside from designing layouts, Russell was promoting shows and booking bands in Reno, NV while working for a privately owned thrill ride company during the day. Leaving the shows and bands behind, he started traveling with a unique thrill ride that was the only one of it’s kind in existence. In 2007, Russell was back with a new attitude and working in affiliate marketing & advertising. Becoming a top producer for the company, Russell was rewarded by managing a team of marketers. In 2008, the industry was dying and needed a kick start. Taking ideas and creating his own sales techniques, he helped write several of the companies promotional tools that were used until the industry hit an all time low.

2009, Russell was handed a copy of Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks. Russell was asked by the owners of the company to design a website that could be used to register new users and manage sales. His first website was simple to use and very green. Not even kidding. After staying up for 36 hours, Russell decided web design was what he wanted to do for a career. “Creating a website takes an idea and then you are making that idea functional and adding in a lot of user experience. You want something that represents the company and loads fast. This industry is always moving. Yesterdays Fast Is Today’s Slow”.

In the early part of 2011, Russell Worked for a Mortgage Broker in Las Vegas, Nv. As many Mortgage Companies went out of business due to poorly managed operations and the housing crisis that Las Vegas still currently resides in, Russell used his skills online to keep the company doors open. He built websites for all of the Realtor’s the mortgage broker worked with on a daily basis. In return, all of their business was directed to the mortgage company. After building more than 30 real estate based websites, Russell learned the inside and outs of the industry, along with the back end of how Mortgages are performed in Las Vegas. Russell didn’t stop there. He was promoted to head of I.T. and Creative Director of Valley West Mortgage and maintained the computer network, email systems and print media the company released on a weekly basis.

Russell lecturing at WordPress Meetup Seminar

Russell lecturing at WordPress Meetup Seminar

To be completely honest with all of our clients, presents and past and future, I build websites that are going to take your company to a higher level. No only does SkyFire USA build websites, we give back to the community and offer free advice. I cannot tell clients enough that anything someone tells you can be found by doing a quick Google Search. If you ever feel like you are being taken advantage of, or your current designer is talking in a language you just do not understand, it is 100% OK to ask for a second opinion, as well as ask for proof to back up any and all claims.

Since WordPress 2.2, Russell has dedicated himself to the Content Management System and creating themes, plugins along with custom post types. Russell has been speaking at the Las Vegas Downtown project headquarters known as Usr/Lib for the last year. He currently helps plan and organize The Las Vegas WordPress Meet Up Group and offers free WordPress Advice on the groups Facebook Page. Educating WordPress users in Las Vegas is not only rewarding, but allows him to further his talents with WordPress. Currently Russell has developed over 60 sites that meet the demands of every client, while adding his touch and flare. “If hard work and determination get you somewhere in life, I have probably already passed my exit ramp!” You can see Russell Aaron In Action at WordCamp’s across the country.

I work with some very smart people that do not think of their lives work as a day to day task. I have nothing but nice things to say about Steven Kim and Luis Camargo. I teach these guys something new everyday about WordPress and Web Design. These gentlemen teach me more about SEO and Marketing and we improve each others talents. It’s really hard to build a company. Steven Kim and Luis make my job so much easier and I hope I do the same for them.

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