Benefits of Local Reviews Page

What  are the benefits of having a local reviews page?

  1. Clients are able EASILY leave a review for your company directly on your website!
  2. Clients are given instructions on how to leave reviews on the most popular platforms such as Google + Local and
  3. You have a customized instructional video for clients to follow step-by-step.
  4. The link to your local listings are easily available
  5. You eliminate extra work that your client wouldn’t want to do.
  6. You lead them directly to YOUR business listing. There is no confusion or risk that they leave a positive review for the competitor.
  7. You can offer an incentive for leaving a review
  8. The more reviews that you are able to extract from current or former customers, the more legitimate your business will seem on local business directories
  9. The more positive reviews you receive, the more visibility you will gain on the Google Local + and you will increase the probability of a potential customer deciding to go with you versus the competition