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SEO Case Study – The Plantworks

Company: Plantworks

URL: www.plantworksnow.com

Product: Plantworks designs and manufactures artificial plants, flowers and trees for residential and commercial use.

Campaign: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management

Time Frame: January 2011 – December 2011

For over 30 years, Plantworks has designed, manufactured, and installed over 6,000 complete interior and exterior landscapes across the country and internationally. With their onsite creative team of landscape designing professionals, they can create custom silk plants, artificial trees and silk flowers for your home or office. Plantworks operate from their award-winning 20,000-square-foot Design Center in Las Vegas.

Plantworks came to Skyfire with two needs: Website makeover and Internet marketing. Their original site was developed using static HTML pages, requiring the skills of an in-house web developer. The costs to update the site was extensive. We built the site on top of a Content Management System which allowed Plantworks to allocate different website responsibilities to various staff who were untrained in HTML. The easy-to-use interface of the Admin panel provides all the tools the staff needs to make changes easily and on the fly.

The second part of the challenge was to increase new business through Search Engine Optimization. In the beginning, Plantworks could not be found for the keywords that they were focused on.

Their site was essentially un-optimized when we started SEO. Thankfully, since we redesigned and developed the site, we knew it had been built to be “search engine friendly” and wouldn’t run into the roadblocks of a poorly developed site. Still, the site had the following issues:

● Low link popularity and search engine saturation (pages indexed in the search engines)
● Not enough conversion
● Low or no rankings for keywords that searchers might use to find their site

SEO Strategy:
Over several months, we optimized the site, including keyword-specific pages like the Specs Guide section. We targeted these pages to go after highly competitive search terms like “Artificial Plants” and “Artificial Trees”. We also completed a link building campaign, which improved the site’s link popularity (or “votes”) for the site which generally results in more traffic and higher rankings.


Keyword Volume (search results) Google Rankings Before SEO Google Rankings After SEO Page in Google After SEO
artificial plants 4,280,000 Not in Top 50 2 1
artificial tree 75,000,000 Not in Top 50 11 2
custom artificial plants 1,240,000 Not in Top 50 1 1
custom artificial trees 1,590,000 Not in Top 50 1 1
custom artificial tree 14,900,000 Not in Top 50 2 1
artificial bamboo 1,740,000 Not in Top 50 7 1
artificial christmas tree 4,460,000 Not in Top 50 8 1
artificial bamboo plants 1,260,000 Not in Top 50 4 1

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