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Business Purpose of a Website

Your business website should have a very definite purpose – to increase your income.

You may frame this objective differently, i.e. you may say you want a website to “improve your corporate image”, but really this is so visitors will regard you more highly and are therefore more likely to give you their business, possibly at a higher price, all of which increases your income.

When designing your website Media One Pro focuses on a clear objective:


The first step in this process is to increase the number of relevant visitors coming to your website who could buy what you have to offer. This is achieved by using techniques proven and refined by Media One Pro over several years and hundreds of successful projects.

The second step is to increase the conversion rate of browsers to buyers. This is a critical phase – and one that is missed by most websites, and web designers. Your site must demonstrate many reasons for visitors to buy from you – backed by clear and definite “calls to action” to enable them to do so!

For your website to be effective it must be produced by a team who can bring all of the following to the project –

Design Skills.. for the visual clarity needed to get your message across, the look is extremely important for the image your site projects.
Technical Skills.. to ensure the site is clear in its navigation and functions perfectly for every visitor
Marketing Skills.. guaranteeing your website is aimed at the correct market is massively important. Giving visitors a message relevant to them will dramatically improve conversion rates.
Engineering Skills..
are the final piece of the puzzle. Guaranteeing high visibility in the search engines and therefore a stream of visitors to your website!

Only when ALL of the above skills are fully used will your website thrive and generate the income for you that it should.

If you currently have a website please take our FREE WEBSITE AUDIT where we will demonstrate the real commercial benefits Media One Pro can bring to your business immediately and in the long term.

If you don’t yet have a site you have a blank canvas – and the perfect opportunity, by working with Media One Pro, to get off to a flying start. Get in touch today and we can start the ball rolling. Call us now at 702 427 9630 or use the contact form above.

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