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Common Web Design Mistakes

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A website is a collection of webpages hosted on the internet by means of which you can communicate your information to people across the world. A website needs to be planned and designed in such a way that it leaves a long lasting effect on people and can attract more and more people to visit it for the required information. For example, if you think of a search engine you visit google.com, or if you want to check some email you go to yahoo mail.
All of these websites and web portals were able to be successful because of there versatility and had effective web designing.

Web designing is like an art which helps you express your information and present it to people in the best possible way. Whenever you consider making a new website or work on the web designs there are some basic things you should keep in mind so that you can avoid some common mistake of web design. Some of the common mistake we might make in webdesign is the front end support. Any website designed should be browser independent and should be accessible from any browser.
It is important to use the latest technology to build the website but one must also consider all the pros and cons using the particular technology. Any website that is accessible on the IE doesn’t mean its the best if it is not able to execute on any other internet web browser.

Another common mistake is the Background sound of the website, while designing the website one should always consider the fact that the website music is not set to automatic but should be manual as majority of the population would not prefer the music to start on the moment the website is loaded. If you wish to have a sound or a video in your website you should always set it off by default and provide an easy way to switch it on/off at the viewer choice.

The User interface plays a great role in the success of your website. A bad UI or a confusing website will never attract people. It should be very light, to the point and clear website. The messages you want to communicate should be crisp and also be easy to navigate.
Technologies like Flash are great as they make a great presentation and make website attractive, but a completely flash driven website is also not appreciated since it won’t be text driven at all so functions like back button wont work and which may need a little more effort in browsing the webpages. So always remember to consider that the website is not completely a Flash driven website. Also try to avoid Flash splash screens as they do not attract many people cause of unattractive content/information or they tend to be boring or distracting.
One of the most common mistake is made when the website is completely image based, even when it is not a photo gallery. The images makes the website heavy and it takes long to load as well as at the same time it is not easy to read and not much user friendly as well. Also avoid using the text images, The text should not be posted as an image but should feel like a paragraph or a document which is easy to read, scroll, select,navigate and searching a words withing the text.

One of the mistake designers make is in using Ajax technology, a good web designer should always use Ajax for the content on the website which changes frequently and not for the static content that do not chance quite often.

Another important point to consider is the browser window resizing and pop-up based website. If a particular website loads itself as a pop-up website or a pop-up window, it should be able to resize to the viewer choice and also to the size of the other open windows.

It is good to have a component rich website, but component that adds value to the website and make it easier to use. A component that doesn’t work for what it is meant, it will annoy the user and they will resist in using the website.

So if you want happy readers and want people to visit your website, appreciate it and consider revisiting it you must have an effective website and not make the above mentioned mistakes.

Article by Steven Kim | ©2009 Media One Pro

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