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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a crucial tool in the success of any marketing campaign. It’s important to understand how to maintain a subscriber list and how to write effective mass emails.

Media One can help you improve your relationship with your current customers, as well as help in increasing your new customer base. Through an effective email marketing campaign, you can increase customer sales/retention through the click of a button.

We can import and manage your contact database and we can assist in setting up an online account that you can manage independently if you wish. Through a simple form on your site, you can grow your subscriber list. We can help create effective incentives to drive new sign-ups for your website.

The email marketing solutions we offer include:

  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Assistance in Contact Database importation and management
  • Creation of Online Sign-up forms and incentives
  • Monthly Newsletter Management
  • Reporting features for monitoring the success of your email campaigns

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