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Pay Per Click Advertising

While we work on improving your organic listings in Search Engines, Media One Pro can create an Internet Marketing Strategy that can utilize Google Adwords, as well as other search engine advertising programs.

PPC is an effective tool if used well. We can do the research needed and analyze what popular keyterms are available and which ones are the best to go after. Upon implementing our custom marketing plan for you, we will monitor and track the results of your PPC campaign and analyze what is working and what needs to be improved.

PPC (pay per click) is simple. You set a specific amount of money you wish to spend each month on this type of advertising, and you are charged only when people “click thru” any text or banner ad that is placed via your keyterms. We are able to test out how successful each campaign is by adjusting parameters such as geographic location, ad text, and other critical factors. Through science, we are able to help you determine what will make the difference in your businesses success.

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