Local Reviews Page FAQ

What is the importance of gathering reviews?

It is important to constantly gather reviews from clients. Not only does it inform you of the pros and cons of your service, but it can also inform the rest of the world. If you offer a great product or service, and there are 50 people vouching for it, it could convert a potential lead into a paying customer.

Why should I have a local reviews page on my website?

For some people, it can be a complex process. With our local reviews page, we walk them through the process and provide the link on your website. You take out several steps in the process and make it easier in the process.

Can’t you just publish reviews on my behalf?

There are company’s that offer this as a service but it is both unethical and against the terms of sites like Yelp, Manta, and Google+. By having real people review your company, not only with they promote your company by word of mouth, but they will also be honest. By having honest reviews, you can continually improve your business based on the comments and critiques left on your local listings.

What if client’s don’t want to leave a review?

This can be your chance to start a promotion! You can offer a discount on their next visit! Just be sure to encourage them to be honest. You don’t want them leaving a false review in exchange for the discount. This can pose problems later on if the quality of the service or product doesn’t match all the discount-incentivized reviews.

How can I ask a client to leave a review?

Simply ask at the end of the transaction: “If you liked the service or product today, would you mind leaving us a review?” Be sure to provide them the link to your local reviews page.