Facebook Page Creation

Facebook is the largest social networking site. All major search engines like Google , Yahoo, and Bing give a lot of importance to websites having links from Facebook Business Pages. Inclusion in Facebook can dramatically increase your website ranking and traffic.

Thousands of Business Pages are created every day but only a few pass the test.  Often people don’t understand how to fill out and submit a page properly. Some of the critical aspects of Facebook Page creation are choosing the right category, title and description, as well as creating the right type of personal profile to link to.

Media One Pro is specialized in Facebook Page Creation.

What we do for Facebook Page Creation?

  • We research your website and its content.
  • We research and create content for your Facebook Page that are consistent with Facebook guidelines.
  • We create a profile page and include only relevant information that you have pre-approved.
  • We give you a URL to view your Facebook Page when done;

Cost for One (1) Facebook Page Creation = $100.00