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Barter SEO or Website Development for PC Build and Support


I am offering a trade for my SEO and web/graphic design skills in exchange for building my PC and offering support.

Here’s what happened.  Back in January, I went to Fry’s and purchased new computer parts.  Everything was pretty much top of the line, here are the specs:

  • Computer Case
  • Gigabyte Motherboard
  • Intel Core I5 CPU
  • 8 GB Memory (4 sticks of 2GB each)
  • Video Card
  • (2) 1 TB Hard Drives
  • Power Supply
  • Firewire Card
  • Windows 7

I have plenty of experience in building computers and I followed the instructions to the T.  I setup the HD’s as RAID 1 (striped) so they were mirrored and I was using 1 TB total.

After all was put together and Windows 7 was installed and fully updated, I added Office 2007 and Adobe CS3 Master Collection.

Nonetheless, I keep getting the damn blue screen of death!  This happens intermittently throughout the build and I can’t figure out exactly what’s wrong.  I spent $75 to have Fry’s worthless tech support department tell me that they “think” it could be the video card driver but aren’t sure.  I call them worthless because I had the blue screen popping all the time while they said they couldn’t repeat it, which I think is bull.  I’m not unreasonable, just pissed off that I spent over a grand for a computer that won’t work and I really wanted this machine to be my workstation.

So what I need is someone skilled and experienced that can check this machine out, reinstall the programs if necessary, and get it working smooth.  In exchange for your time, I will be happy to build a website or optimize one for search engines.  I have proven success in these fields and have case studies/clients to back this up.  You may give me only a hundred or so in services but I can return the favor five-fold.  Just make my machine work right!

Contact me at 702-427-9630 if interested.   Thank you.

(Posted August 20, 2010)

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