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red carpet intro project

we’d like to have the design for the intro page to look similar to the picture on the right –>

–> or even better is this video (i prefer this one) http://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/580337/red-carpet-loop-flash.html <–

  • The logo “Your Las Vegas Guide” must be layered on top (top layer of video and elevators) so that it is easy to see/read.  I don’t want the camera flashes to drown out the logo.
  • Dimensions: approximately 960 pixels wide by 600 pixels high

so imagine the design, with the looping video.. in the center is the elevator door that opens/closes upon hovering your mouse (like Drais website, see http://drais.net/flash/ for example).. clicking on elevator takes you into the site
we can purchase the looping video in the format you need (640×480 video from istockphoto.com).. you would have to create the elevator door.  we would then place our logo just above the elevator door.

you would have to find or create the graphics for the elevator door.. and compile the SWF.  we need source code upon completion.

[jwplayer config=”4:3 autostart” mediaid=”1097″]

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