Pay Per Click

While we work on improving your organic listings in Search Engines, Media One Pro can create an Internet Marketing Strategy that can utilize Google Adwords, as well as other search engine advertising programs.

PPC is an effective tool if used well. We can do the research needed and analyze what popular keyterms are available and which ones are the best to go after. Upon implementing our custom marketing plan for you, we will monitor and track the results of your PPC campaign and analyze what is working and what needs to be improved.

PPC (pay per click) is simple. You set a specific amount of money you wish to spend each month on this type of advertising, and you are charged only when people “click thru” any text or banner ad that is placed via your keyterms. We are able to test out how successful each campaign is by adjusting parameters such as geographic location, ad text, and other critical factors. Through science, we are able to help you determine what will make the difference in your businesses success.

What is the difference between PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization?

Both PPC and SEO can get your website seen by potential customers.  But Search Engine Optimization is the best permanent method of receiving more business over the long run. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a great use of web marketing for many firms. PPC can get you listed at the top of the search engines pages immediately in the Sponsored Listings section. On Google, you’ll notice that the listings on the right side of the page say “Sponsored Listings.” If you click on one of those ad links, the advertiser is charged a “per-click fee”. The fees range from around $0.05 cents to as high as $50 per click in some cases.

PPC can produce immediate results, while SEO takes a while longer to get you listed where you want to be, but there is far less traffic available through PPC than SEO. Less than 20% of the clicks for a particular search term are on Sponsored Listings. Also, searchers have come to trust the organic search results in Google as the most reputable and credible source for information on the product or service they’re searching for, which explains why consumers are over 5 times as likely to make a purchase after clicking on an organic search engine listing as opposed to a PPC ad.

PPC gives you the opportunity to rank well for hundreds of keywords, while your SEO efforts are generally limited to a small handful of keywords. Often times, our clients will sign up with a company to do SEO for them on their core keywords, but will also have someone start a PPC campaign for them to rank well for keywords that are more obscure or do not have high enough traffic to be worthwhile to optimize for.

We have had several clients spend upwards of $5000 a month on PPC, but after we performed SEO for 6 months at $2000/mo, they now have 4 times as much traffic as they had ever received with PPC and their conversion rates have dramatically increased as well.

There’s nothing wrong with PPC, and it is a good strategy initially to do PPC and SEO at the same time. But we definitely recommend doing whatever you can to make SEO your major goal.


Media One Pro of Las Vegas offers various Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing services & strategies that can get you ranked on major search engines such as google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Search Engine Optimization can increase traffic to your website and expose you to new customers and new business.

We will work with you to determine the best Search Engine Optimization/SEO plan for your website and we will track, monitor and report the results of our SEO strategies and work with you to discover new online opportunities to grow your website traffic.

Simply put, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of analyzing how your website has been built, discovering and implementing the most effective keywords visitors use to find your website, determining a strategy to increase the amount of visitors and implementing tactics based on that research. By making these specific tactical updates your website could appear in search engine results when someone performs a search on google, Yahoo!, or MSN, for example.

Media One Pro’s Search Engine Optimization research and strategy for your company’s website takes into account many factors, including:

  • How many keywords appear in your web pages?
  • How many pages does your website contain?
  • Is the amount content on your website adequate?
  • Is the content on your website updated regularly?
  • Does your website contain broken links or have missing pages?
  • How many links are coming into your website and how many are going out?
  • How many of your competitors have optimized websites – in Las Vegas and nationally?
  • Have your META tags been properly optimized?

Submitting your Website to Search Engines

Upon completion of the optimization, Media One will submit your website for possible inclusion in major search engines and directories such as google, Yahoo!, and MSN. The submission process enables search engines to know that your web site exists both locally in Las Vegas and throughout the country.