Video Search Optimization

When the Internet was in its infancy, users had to be content communicating simple text-based messages, in green type on a black background. With the advent of the Dot.Com era, online communications became much more sophisticated, and a new term entered our lexicon: the website.

Technology had advanced enough to allow websites to display text and graphics, including photographs. In just a few years, the industry had revolutionized, much like television’s shift from black and white to color, or the printing press’s decline in the age of desktop publishing.

Today, a new advancement in online marketing allows site owners like you to tell your story through website video marketing, enhancing the surrounding text and graphics while increasing your prospect’s involvement with your message. This is one case where the old adage is still true: a picture is worth a thousand words.

You’re no longer limited in your ability to communicate with consumers. Forget written descriptions, step-by-step static images, and even video files that play on some computers (but not all). Now, your website can capture and hold your prospect’s attention by engaging them in a “show” about your product or service. Some recent studies have demonstrated that adding video to your website can increase purchasing rates by as much as 300%.

Does Website Video Marketing work?

How? Prospects will actually “meet” you and your staff, interact with your product, tour your facility, or see and hear testimonials from other customers. Imagine the benefits you’ll reap with an emarketed video marketing package, designed to meet your unique marketing objectives!

From a simple video introduction that welcomes visitors to your site, to a seamlessly integrated full-video site, emarketed’s team of talented professionals can handle everything from pre-production:

  • concept development
  • scripting
  • on-camera talent
  • directing
  • location sourcing

…to post-production services, including:

Your video message(s) will be paired with a Flash player (functioning behind the scenes on your site), so that anyone, anywhere, with any computer* can enjoy and appreciate your video-enhanced website.

Social Media Video Sites

We also offer an innovative suite of services for social media video marketing, which allows popular search engines such as YouTube, Revver, Metacafe, Viddler and many more video social media hubs to access your site, pushing your marketing message far beyond the confines of a traditional text-and-graphics based website.

youtube daily motion
viddler revver

To find out more about our website video marketing programs, or to talk with someone on our video marketing team, contact us today.

What are the stats on online video viewership?

The number of people watching online videos is growing exponentially year after year. So what does this mean for you and your business?

This trend started back in 2006, when approximately 10% of web surfers admitted to watching videos online. Then in May 2007, Techcrunch issued the results from a Motorola survey that showed 45% of European broadband Internet surfers watch TV online. Now days, those numbers are quite higher!

According to a company called eMarketer, 62% of the total population of the United States and 88% of the online will be viewing video clips online by 2012.

How does Video Search Optimization work?

People find videos the same way they find everything else; through the search engines. Now there are also specialized video search engines. Also there are social networking sites that focus on video. Youtube is a great example. Also Revver and Daily Motion.

The difference between search engines and these social networking sites is that the networking sites don’t crawl for videos outside their own domain.

Best practices for Video SEO

Offer three different video formats: Flash, Windows Media FIle and QuickTime.

Video clips should receive their own page. Use all usual on-page optimization techniques. Also use XML Sitemap for videos.