Link Strategy

The definition of strategic link building is about establishing your competitive position on the search engine pages for keywords/keyterms that pertain to your industry sector.

What is the online marketplace?

This is where your potential customers go to find what they’re looking for. If they’re looking for silver widgets, then they’ll do a search on Google or similar search engine, they’ll scan forums, directories, read articles and reviews and evaluate the competition.

The sites that your potential customers go to visit for your product is what the online marketplace is made of. It is critical that your linking strategy gets your business on these sites!
Develop unique and informative content

There is absolutely no substitute for good relevant content. This is the content that customers ultimately want to have, it’s what helps you climb up the search engine page rankings and its what motivates other sites to link to your site.

make sure your content has a purpose and is relevant to your business.
Your content should be well-written and keyword based

You copy needs to be well written and needs to be accessible to search engines. That means being aware of the words that people will use looking for your products and incorporating those words into your titles and descriptions, headings and subheadings, and of course in your linking text.

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