Content Management

Content management system or CMS is software which allows an individual to create and manage content without any knowledge of web design. It allows the end user to be able to update their website text and pictures without having to rely on a website company. It is very simple to use. [click here for a free quote!]

What’s included?

  • Training Session
  • Client Log In/Password Protection
  • Ability to changes pictures/text
  • Spell Check
  • Create your own Meta Tags
  • Create your own Page/ImageTitles

So what about this functionality you mentioned. This part is almost limitless. Need to display a bunch of photos, we can add a gallery. Would you like to be able to have a resource directory on your site, that is possible too. How about adding a small gallery of images on a page or maybe even a video, that can also be done. Need a dynamic calendar for an events calendar on your site, this is another task that can be performed by a Content Management Software. Does your business need a custom contact form like our Quote Request Form? Using Content Management Software we can create a form with any number and variety of intake questions you need answered for your business. If your company has a lot of news worthy information you would like to post on a regular basis we can incorporate a blog component to make this task easy for you to do. The best part about all this functionality is you the website owner can make changes to any of these options without having to know HTML!!!

“I wanted to change a picture recently, and from the time I had the idea to the time it was completed was approx 4 minutes…and most of that time was spent just taking the picture!”
-Mel Fabros, Bodysport Fitness Center.