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[toggle open=”true” title=”What is your quality of work?”] We build sites from the ground up THE RIGHT WAY. This means you don’t have to worry about redoing your site later with someone else. Want proof? We recently scored 99% with Website Grader. To see the results for yourself, click here. [/toggle][toggle open=”false” title=”Do you believe in the Golden Rule?”] The Golden Rule.. Karma.. Common Sense.. whatever name you give it, it’s what we believe in! We take care of our customers because they in turn take care of us. Rarely do we spend money on advertising. The majority of our business come from customer referrals.[/toggle] [toggle open=”false” title=”Do you spend wisely?”] At Media One Pro, we believe in saving money, not wasting it. And the benefit goes to you! Why pay a company top dollar just to help them cover their lavish expenses? Times have changed and so have the ways of doing business. If you want to succeed, you have to adapt. We also won 2012 Best Green Employer by the Review Journal for our success in energy conservation and cost reduction. [/toggle] [toggle open=”false” title=”Do you have any proof?”] We know that if we go above and beyond what our customers expect, they will share with the world their great experiences. We are proud to feature out clients’ testimonials and we’re not shy to share actual names/companies.. even videos![ [/toggle][toggle open=”false” title=”What are your policies on education?”] At Media One Pro, we believe in educating and informing consumers before they make a purchase decision. We take the time to teach you about our services and what they really entail. The more you learn about how we do business, the more you’ll appreciate us. [/toggle] [toggle open=”false” title=”Are you experienced?”] Over the past 12 years, we’ve developed a large variety of websites, ranging from simple portals to scalable ecommerce sites. We’ve also developed video streaming sites, online media management, search portals, dynamic real estate sites.. you name it! View our Portfolio to see examples. [/toggle] [toggle open=”false” title=”Do you believe in philanthropy?”] We believe in helping the global community. That’s why Media One Pro has launched its “10 for 10” program. Every month, 10% of the company’s proceeds to go ten different charities. For more details, click here. [/toggle] [toggle open=”false” title=”Are you trustworthy?”] We believe in honesty and transparency. One of our endeavors is to be a consumer advocate for small businesses. That is why we’re backed by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). We encourage effective communication and will work hard to resolve any questions or concerns. For more details, click here. [/toggle] [toggle open=”false” title=”Do you build your websites here in Las Vegas?”] Yes, we have a staff here at the office that does all of our work.  We don’t farm out your work to other off-short companies or contractors straight out of the classifieds.  We’re proud to be a supporter of our local business community. [/toggle] [toggle open=”false” title=”What other reasons are there to choose you?”]

  • We are insured by Hartford
  • We are LOCAL in Las Vegas and have our base of operations in Henderson, ten minutes from McCarran Airport
  • We have ACTUAL case studies for SEO (A lot of SEO companies will show you bogus case studies. We can teach you what to look out for.  Ask us how!)
  • Website packages can be customized and completed by 30 days!  No more, no less.
  • Our websites are of the highest quality but at a fraction of the price as the rest of the industry (we don’t rip people off, we give them great value)
  • We are actually affiliated with the BBB (Some websites lie and say they are BBB certified when they’re not. Ask them to provide evidence!)
  • Our Client List is NOT made up
  • We can provide video testimonials (often written testimonials are made up to enhance sales)
  • Our Terms and Conditions are designed to provide you with safety. We don’t take over your online business accounts nor try to take ownership of your domain. You are given complete access to CP and FTP (after contract has been fulfilled).


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