Why do I need a press release?

Why do I need a press release?

A press release is a fantastic way to announce a grand opening of a new business. It is another way of marketing your business and adding content to your website.

It is also great for announcing a large sale or promotion being offered on your website or even in your store. If your site offers a unique tool, feature, movie file, or other interesting piece of content, a press release will help increase awareness of your website with in your industry. When a press release is optimized for keyword phrases that get searched for frequently in the major search engines, a press release can also help you with ranking high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

When can I use a press release?

You can use the benefits of a press release whenever your company launches a new product or receives recognition from your local chamber of commerce. It is great for non-profits to use in order to gain awareness of an upcoming fundraiser and to recap the event. It can also be used by any company in order to highlight a recent recognition in a magazine, television show, or radio spot.

What benefits can I expect from a press release? 

Creating a press release is a great tool to gain exposure for something that your company or website has done recently. If you have partnered with a non-profit organization, why not announce that to the world and most importantly your customers. Not only is it publicity for your website, but it can also be the single factor between gaining a client. When client’s see your newsworthy press release, it might intrigue them to further research your company or lead them towards taking action and reaching out to you.

In some cases, it can even be picked up by a news channel that can lead to a news story or further publicity that you would otherwise be unable to afford.

Your press release can also be picked up by a national trade publication that focuses on your industry. As an example, you can manufacture tires for classic cars. If your press release get’s picked up by a classic car magazine, you would gain great benefits by having both your product and company highlighted in a publication where the reader base is already really interested in what your company has to say.

What is the value of a press release?

If your press release get’s picked up by a news outlet or national publication. Some of these publications would cost above $1000 and you would gain a spot on there for free. If your story is picked up by a local or national news entity, the amount of leads or customers that come through your doors could be enough to keep you busy. As a non-profit, a news story that started out as a press release, could get you in contact with a big donor, or give you the proper exposure for your organization to help a lot more!

Can I use my press release anywhere else? Is publishing it all that I can do?

No! You are free to use the press release on your website. Why not publish it on your website and have it readily available to visitors that want to know a little more about your company. Perhaps you are an up and coming restaurant that was featured on the Food Network! It would be great exposure to let people know that you have a secret menu or an eating contest that daring foodies can enter.

What is the bottom line?

The one common saying among marketer is that “You won’t get noticed unless you shout!” For some media outlets, there will be a lot of people  “shouting” for attention which makes it very important that your press release is professionally written and that it is presented in front of all the right people and media outlets.