About Us

We are Skyfire, a company located in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in Web Design and Development, Domain Services, Hosting, Graphic Illustration, Search Engine Optimization and E-Marketing.

What separates us from our competitors? An incredible sense of service, quality and fairness. We’re the best deal in town for a reason; our founder was brought up with a strong belief in karma and that by taking care of others, the rewards would come down the road.

We offer many innovative value-added design and seo services that must be seen to believe. Email us or give us a call at (702) 605-0800 for a free consultation and quote. We are a Las Vegas Web Design firm based out of the Southwest. Click here for a FREE Website Analysis and Consultation.

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Based in a Home

Our headquarters is in a beautiful house in Henderson and about ten minutes from the airport.  We are BASED IN A HOME and not a “home-based business”.  While we could lease out a commercial space and fill it with impressive furniture, big screens and works of art, we’d rather spend that money on improving the quality of our services, as well as lower the cost for our customers.  We are a GREEN company and believe in being as efficient as possible.  We are proud of our location and accommodations and we invite you to visit and check us out anytime! (The video below was filmed when our company name was “Media One Pro”.  We changed our name on September 2012)

How we are successful and what makes us unique

In 1998, former Microsoft engineer Steven Kim started his first sole venture in the website development business. He worked as a sole proprietor and operated under the name “The Spider’s Web” in Portland, Oregon. In 2008, the company became “Media One Pro”.  In September 2012, the company changed it’s name (for the last time hopefully!) to Skyfire.

Skyfire is a Digital Media Agency that offers website development, search engine optimization, and video production services. They are a member of the LVCC and the BBB. Their mission is simple: To help small businesses succeed. Kim’s background is in entrepreneurship and he is an advocate for start-ups. It is Skyfire’s goal to be the driving force behind the growth of the tech sector in Las Vegas. They believe they can make a strong impact by offering affordable value-added services that cater to the start-up community.

In an article in Entrepreneur magazine in January 2010, Peter Kent, an Internet marketing strategist, was quoted as saying “The SEO business is 80 percent scam”. In 2012, that number is even higher as there are an increasing number of marketing strategies and technologies being introduced every day. With that in mind, Skyfire is proud to have distanced itself from the pack. By growing on the virtues of honesty and transparency, as well as providing a solid resource of knowledge for its clients, Skyfire  has become a vanguard in helping small businesses better arm themselves in the battle of online advertising. There focus is not only educating the public on Internet marketing and website development, but also how to avoid the growing number of scams that prey on naïve business owners. Skyfire  is able to do this through their website, newsletters, and by hosting free seminars locally.

The inspiration behind helping small businesses began when founder Steven Kim was just a child. His mother, an immigrant from Seoul, Korea, raised him as a single mother. While growing up, Steven witnessed how hard his mom and her family had to work in order to survive. Being poor and under educated, they were at a great disadvantage after arriving in the U.S. Through hard work and sheer discipline, they were able to grow their businesses and become successful. Steven’s mom, aunt and uncle were even able to send their children to college.

Times changed dramatically after that. Due in large part to large corporations such as Walmart and Costo, the Kim family found themselves struggling as they couldn’t compete. They closed their shops and lost their homes and savings.

This is Steven Kim’s original inspiration. To grow his business so he can afford to take care of his entire family. Next are to provide for his employees. And last himself.

Steven Kim will always be an advocate for the struggling start-up or hard working small business. He will defend their rights and arm them with knowledge and help them to succeed no matter what the odds.

A little bit about our founder

Steven Kim has been involved with computers since the early days of the Intel 286, building them from scratch as a kid in Junior High. During the Internet explosion in 1998, Steven jumped aboard while working as a webmaster and programmer for companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Babcock & Jenkins and Step Technology.

Steven is the founder of the Las Vegas based online agency Skyfire. This firm offers full service search engine optimization, content management site development, social media marketing and ecommerce. Steven and his team currently manages the digital ad campaigns for companies such as Vegas Rock and Plantworks, as well as popular Las Vegas shows “X Burlesque” and “American Storm”.

Steve’s deep knowledge and experience in doing SEO has made Steve a wanted man in Las Vegas, with more clients seeking his consultation every day.  See Steve’s bio here.

How we are involved with our community


Media One Pro has several mission statements. One of them is this:
To better the community by providing small business education, affordable and effective web solutions, charitable contributions to philanthropic organizations, and to encourage communication, support and collaboration within the start-up world.


We like to help the small business community by hosting free educational seminars in Henderson, NV. Our next seminar is being held at the Small Business Development Center for Women, sponsored by us and the Nevada Microenterprise Initiative.
We are also currently preparing for our largest seminar in August at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce in Town Square. This is going to be a full-day seminar with several workshops, designed to coach small businesses and start-ups on what it takes to take your business online and how to leverage the web and strengthen your marketing campaigns.


It is exciting and very fulfilling to reach out to people and help them on a massive scale. The most fulfilling moment for me was when a friend/client of mine first told me this, “Steve, if it wasn’t for you and your Internet marketing, I would be out of business. The reason I’m thriving now is solely from what you did for us. Thank you”.

That was from Mel who owns a fitness center in Summerlin, NV. At the time, his business was struggling to stay afloat. When the chance came that I could help him, I did it for no charge. It was supposed to be a barter exchange in which I could use his gym for free but it ended up just being a simple pro-bono. The reward I received was the fulfillment that I did something good for someone. This is where the spark came from. This is why my logo contains the symbol for karma. This is where Skyfire all began.


My team enjoys participating in Vegas Tech events and we support the Downtown Project Initiative. For struggling start-ups and non-profit companies, we sometimes offer free website development and/or marketing. This year, we built pro-bono sites for Forever Brayv at Heart Foundation, Hac and Zac Jeans, MHA Photography, Carl Matthews Fitness, Encore Sports, Subject TV and Half Animal.

We like to give back to the community through our “10 for 10” community contribution program. Some of the organizations we donate to include: Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, Animal Welfare Institute, Water.org, Arm the Animals, and The Cove. Local charities in Las Vegas include Opportunity Village, Best Buddies, and the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation.

At Skyfire, we are selective with who we do business with. We’re not motivated by revenue. We’re driven by the satisfaction of making a positive impact in the community. What this means is that we value the relationships we have with our clients. It’s not a buy-sell relationship but one of a partnership. If you don’t achieve your goals through our mutual efforts, then we have both failed. We are success-driven and we value our reputation for helping others. Here are the requirements we have for any potential client:

  • Ethical: Any client we take on must adhere to a high standard of ethics. Meaning if you are in the business of ripping consumers off, don’t call us.
  • Potential: We are about great results and if we don’t feel that we can help you, we will politely decline and give you our best recommendation for another vendor or solution.
  • Quality of Service: We partner up with clients that we feel offer the highest quality of service. Our efforts help our clients to garner more business and we do not want to be connected to a firm who offers poor service. We feel liable for those customers who are treated poorly. So we only want to work with those who want to offer high quality products/services only.
  • Professionalism: We believe in a system of rules and processes that help to keep a clear channel of communication at all times. We do not accept profanity or vulgarism.
  • Above the line: Our clients should understand this concept. If not, we will be happy to teach it. “Above the line” means accepting personal responsibility for certain outcomes. Instead of pointing the finger and blaming others, it’s important that any smart business professional understand that the majority of the time, situations occur as a direct result of their own actions or lack of. At Skyfire, we strive to remain above the line. Because of this, we continually improve our services and our business operations. This is why we often mention the term “kaizen” (Japanese for “continuous improvement”).
  • Two-Way Communication: We will be proactive in all of our communications but we also appreciate a client who is receptive and responsive. We do not want to start on a project that will be delayed for a long time due to the client’s inability to stay on track. We would like efficient communication in order to make sure we meet the timelines for your project.

We don’t want to come across as being too demanding but in our experience, we’ve learned to be more picky about who we take on as our client. It is an honor to work with great business people and we hope to find those who share our vision.