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What Our Clients Say

“I want to thank Steve for a job WELL done. He not only built my website but taught me how to maintain and update it myself… Also knows a TON about search engine marketing and has increased my business tremendously! Keep up the good work.”

Mel Fabros

Owner, Bodysport Fitness Center

“Steve and his team had our website built within 24 hours. We were shocked at how fast they worked and very pleased with the quality they produced.”

Dr. Josh Satterlee

Health Professional, BioMechanics of Las Vegas

Before using Skyfire web design and marketing services, my company’s website was more for creditability than a tool to generate business. After meeting with Skyfire I saw an increase in revenue and more sense of direction as to what was working within my website. Steve’s knowledge of keywords and local listings helped my business stay on top of my competition. I recommend Skyfire to any business looking to get an edge online.

Marc Marcez

CEO & Founder, EMC Las Vegas

The team at Skyfire built our website fast and with the perfect design we had in mind. But most importantly, they got us on the first page of Google and dramatically increased our business!

Michael Armstrong

Owner, LV Audio

“We needed our website done in a hurry. Skyfire was willing to work with our schedule and put up our site in time for our big launch. Job well done and ahead of schedule! I highly recommend them.”

Matt and Angela Stabile

Founders, Stabile Productions / X Burlesque

Skyfire is an awesome team that has helped my business grow from the ground up! Steve is not just a web designer but a business coach… He’s willing to not only do the work but teach you why it’s important and help you help yourself! Try finding anyone else like him!

Farrah Hines

Founder, Bar Rockin’ Divas

“Skyfire did an amazing job with the rebuild of our website. They gave is the same high-end corporate feel as that of General Electric. They also helped us to be found on search engines!”

Jeremy Rohloff

Founder, Priority Property Management

“I want to thank the team at Skyfire for doing an amazing job on my website. I’ve gotten so many compliments and it has given me the right image and branding that I needed.”

Tony Cress

Owner, Tony Cress Training Center

“Our sales conversion increased thanks to their Search Engine Marketing.”

Michele Kim

Owner, Salus Uniforms

The team at Skyfire went above and beyond with the design of my website!

Misty Nielson

Owner, Organic Mobile Spray Tans

“Thank you Skyfire for the beautiful website and for the excellent marketing services.”

Charlene Fajardo

Owner, Marchan’s Auto Body Shop

“Thanks for helping make my vision become a reality on the web! The fellas over at Skyfire were great to work with and gave me a very fair price. I’m proud to show off my website now!”

Jesus Villa

Founder, Team Half Animal

“Fantastic job! We appreciate the hard and fast work.”

Mike H.

Owner, Cerritos Surf Colony

Skyfire has built a beautiful site and has also improved our rankings on the web!

Tim Keillor

Owner, Tim’s Handyman Services

“He explains everything that he does, step by step so that you understand what he is doing. He does not ignore you, as the client, but takes into account your needs and makes them into a great web site, one that is easy for our clients to read and understand. He has also helped us as business owners understand the importance of our web site, he has guided us through what SEO means and what it means to us. Thanks Steve for such a professional approach!”

Ann Marie and Danielle

Owners, The Pet Divas

Steve with Skyfire has given me a great service at a fraction of the cost. Steve is very professional, courteous and punctual. I value the work he has done for my business, He has innovating ideas that I have not seen on any other sites and when he says he will do something, HE DOES!! That in it’s self is priceless. Thank you Steve for all you have done for Mechandyman.com. Second page on Google in a little over a month! You are the best!!!!

Terry O.

Owner, Mechandyman

“Thanks guys for the great job on my website. I’ve built up my portfolio and received more work!”

Tatum Miranda

Singer & Fitness Model

Thank you Steve for creating a beautiful site. I’ve received so many compliments from my customers!

Jim Wright

Owner, Sun Signs

“Steve and the staff at Skyfire have provided me with the best service I’ve ever encountered. Their speed and quality of work, whether it’s web design or internet marketing, have been unbelievable. Thanks again guys!”


Owner, The Sin City VIP

We were needing a Youtube site to showcase the world of muscle and fitness. Skyfire accomplished this well within our budget! They offer great service for a very fair price. Thanks guys!


Owner, Muscle World

“We were looking for the best solution to provide our unique videos online. We wanted to offer customers a choice of one-time viewing or lifetime, but we didn’t want to worry about the illegal copying and distribution possibility. Skyfire did the research and found us the best option and now we’re happier than ever!”


Owner, Flexx TV

“After wasting a great deal of time and money on two previous web developers, Steve and his team were a godsend. They got our webcam site up and running smoothly and they’ve provided excellent technical support ever since.”


Owner, Real Muscle

Steve has helped me produce a great website and my friends and business partners are very impressed!

Alex Castillo

Personal Trainer

Steve did an awesome job with my site and also got use listed and found on Google and the other search engines!

Michael Jennings

Owner, Club 1 Tanning