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Business is Booming! with Brad Sugars

Spend an evening with the World’s #1 Business Coach Brad Sugars and learn business strategies..

Steven Kim “Dr SEO” at Ticket Summit 2012

Ticket Summit…

6 Brands Using Responsive Design

Most companies are slow to catching up when it comes to utilizing responsive design on their websites. Often the larger companies have a harder time making adjustments as the costs are greater in redesign/development. Skyfire found six brands who websites are utilizing responsive design. This allows their customers to easily access their content via a wide range of devices (PC, Tablet, Mob…

Responsive Web Design

What is “Responsive” Web…

Photography Services

Photography Pricing

Why You Need Professional Photography
Price list
Guideline to price for services.
-include renting of equipment if needed, gas if on location, cd/dvd

Hour of Editing: $50

Headshots: range between $150- $250 for hour rate

Location Shots: range between $250-$350 for 2 hour rate

Product Shots: range for at least $150 for one product, $40 for each additiona…

Why You Need Professional Photography

Why you should hire a professional photographer for your website

You are probably wondering why you need to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your headshots, products, or services instead of using your own camera and taking the pictures yourself.

The pictures you take can still be a nice photo but there is a difference when you have a photographer come in to take the images…

Why is SEO better than Local Directories

SEO Lead Generation

Benefits of SEO vs national Local Directories (and their PPC services)
Let’s start by explaining what a local directory is and what types of services they can provide. A local directory is a company that works like the traditional Yellow Pages. The website or service offers you a directory of all of the local businesses that a potential client is interested in receiving products or services from.

2012 Best Green Employer

We are proud to announce that Media One Pro was awarded 2012 Best Green Employer by the Review Journal and Business Press on 7/20/2012.

Visit our Green Page for mor…

Energy Savings Tips

Finding ways to make your business more energy efficient is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your company’s financial performance, whether it is from reducing energy waste costs or boosting brand perception. In addition to these potential cost reductions, there are several other benefits to running a more energy efficient organization. Increasing numbers of consumers ar…

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