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How mobile can we go?

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Blog, from Steve Kim

If you’re wondering where all this mobile technology is headed, just use your wildest imagination.  Or watch a sci-fi movie that has been filmed recently (not one 10 or 20 years ago as that won’t be as mind blowing).

We’ve gone from the wired phone (remember when you had to actually DIAL a number.. with a ROTATING keypad?) to a pager (before text, we used to talk with numbers.. remember hello spelled “43770”?) to a cellular phone (the first was the brick-type.. made fashionable ala Michael Douglas in “Wall Street”).

Then the cell phone went from a 5 pound brick to a 5 ounce hand-held device.  And now it doesn’t just make phone calls.. it texts, reads voicemails, write emails, sync’s calendars, allows you to play games, surf the web, do your banking.. the list goes on and on.

Basically the cellphone (now called a “smartphone”) is replacing your computer.

The computer.  Remember the “Desktop” PC?  They called is a Desktop because it went on top of your desk and took up about 85% of the space.  The laptop made the Desktop less useful and now that laptops are just as powerful as desktops, the large desktop PC is going the way of the dinosaur.

Even with a super powerful laptop or desktop.. the question is, do you need it?  Cloud computing has changed all of this.

Before cloud computing, you had to purchase the license to use a particular software program.  And when technology would cause changes in operating systems and so forth, you would have to dial into the support website and download/install the newest software update.

With the cloud, you don’t need to do this.

Thanks to ever increasing improvements in our Internet bandwidth, we are able to not only surf the web but we can play multi-player games, watching streaming movies in High-Def, and now run a multitude of complex programs without ever having to install anything locally on your machine.

So do we need a super powerful laptop/desktop?  Not with the cloud!  This is why the move is towards more lighter, mobile, inexpensive devices.  We’ve gone from desktop to laptop to tablet PC.  The future is a combination smartphone/tablet.  One that can go with you anywhere but not so small as to make doing computer tasks too difficult.

Apple is coming out with the mini-ipad.  Google and Amazon have their chrome and kindle.  This is the direction we’re headed in folks.  Better prepare because tomorrow becomes today in nanoseconds.

And where will smartphones be in the future?  Well, as long as the world doesn’t get hit by a meteor or we don’t blow ourselves up, we’ll eventually see the phone being a surgically implanted device near our temples, where our thoughts process everything and we never have to talk or text again.  What a society that will be then!  Full on conversations with people we’ve never met through the web, and without having to move one muscle!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead from old age before this technological revolution ever happens.  And I’m happy for that.

– original article from Steven Kim of www.skyfireusa.com

article may be redistributed as long as reference is made to original source

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