Benefits of SEO vs national Local Directories (and their PPC services)

Let’s start by explaining what a local directory is and what types of services they can provide. A local directory is a company that works like the traditional Yellow Pages. The website or service offers you a directory of all of the local businesses that a potential client is interested in receiving products or services from. Local directories have found it difficult to compete especially since SEO has begun to gain momentum.

Google vs YellowPages (and their online counterparts)


Why SEO triumphs over local directories

SEO will always triumph over local directories because everyone uses Google not to find a business. Showing up at the top of the search results page will gain you the most clicks on your website over ads or (much less on local directories and their ads).

A recent research report found that people, businesses, and agencies continue to spend a huge amount of money on ads as opposed to the much better search engine optimization. Annually, agencies and businesses spend a measly 2.4 billion dollars on SEO and gain 94% of the clicks! Yet, agencies and businesses are continuing to spend about 10 billion annually to gain the remaining 6% of the clicks.

People are so bombarded with advertisements that we are programmed to direct our eyes anywhere but the ads.

In summary, it is far better to find and work with an SEO agency that can provide measurable results. Not only is the return on investment great, but it can provide leads for years to come!

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