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Why is SEO better than Local Directories

SEO Lead Generation

Benefits of SEO vs national Local Directories (and their PPC services)
Let’s start by explaining what a local directory is and what types of services they can provide. A local directory is a company that works like the traditional Yellow Pages. The website or service offers you a directory of all of the local businesses that a potential client is interested in receiving products or services from.

Reporting and Monitoring

Pre-optimization report – One time
Search engine ranking report – Monthly
Crawl error and index report – Monthly
Social Media Progress Report – Monthly
Review of reports and performance evaluation…

Off-Page Optimization

Submit website to major Search Engines
Submit website to major web directories
Submit website to niche directories [paid directories, paid by client]
Submission of the site to area and country specific directories [local directories]
Article submissions to major article directories – articles provided by the client
Press release submissions – Press release provided by the client

On-Page Optimization

Correction on Meta Titles, descriptions, keywords and header tags
Internal links anchor text corrections
HTML sitemap creation and optimization
Optimizing robotz.txt file
Image optimization
Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up
Optimizing keywords in URLs
H1, H2 and H3 tags optimization
Site structure recommendations
Over Optimization Penalty Check (OOP…

Keyword Research

Brainstorm keyword topics
Review search volumes, competition and relevance
Shortlist keywords
Prepare an initial ranking report for the shortlisted…

Technical Analysis and Site Audit

Site architecture analysis includes:
Check if social media profiles exist, make a note of fans and followers.
domain redirections
Preferred domain setting
Checking internal links for inconsistencies
Domain blacklist checks
Domain hijacking issues
Checking sitelinksWeb crawl error reporting
HTTPS issues
URL structures
URL deep directory depth issues
URL separators analysis
URL capitalizations


Website age
Current page rank and traffic rank
Current search engine rankings for the shortlisted keywords
Total number of back links (as seen on Google Webmaster Tools, login required)
Bad neighborhood Check (make sure the site doesnt link to questionable sites.)
Total number of HTML errors as seen on GWT. [Title tags, description, keywords issues]
Check if social media profiles exist, make a…

How to improve your business through Social Media Marketing

Many business owners ask the question, “Is there any real value in Social Media for my Business?” Whether you like it or not, today and in the future social media is, and will be, an important component for all businesses.

Whether you are a bricks and mortar business or an online Internet-based business, chances are your sales will go up if you are marketing your business. There are many offlin…

Direct Response vs. Branding in Online Advertising

Online advertising goals generally fall into one of two categories: direct response or branding.

Direct response

If your goal is direct response, you’d like a user to perform an action after clicking through your ad to your website: make a purchase, sign up to a newsletter, or request a quote, for instance. The completion of your desired action by the user is called a conversion.

How Search Engine Marketing Works

Each type of listing — organic and paid — has a type of marketing approach associated with it.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves building new websites, or changing existing websites, so that they rank highly in a search engine’s organic listings when users search on terms that are related to the site’s content. To learn about SEO for Google organic search results, visit Google’s Webmaster Central site.

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