Media One is open to the old fashioned barter system. If you feel you have a quality product or service to trade, contact us and lets discuss.  Our web guru Steve Kim was featured recently on Channel 3 News in regards to bartering! Click on the video below to see the interview.

We have the following needs that we would like to barter for:

  • auto repair
  • home repair
  • massage / chiropractic / physical therapy
  • computer hardware/software
  • dog training
  • landscape/yard work
  • plasma/LCD flat screens
  • window decal / car vinyl
  • printing
  • gift certificates
  • bonds
  • hotel/airline vouchers
  • silkscreen / embroidery for t-shirts
  • video editing
  • web marketing assistant
  • We’re open to any offers so email us with what you may have!