DVD Video Extraction

We can extract video clips from your DVD, edit and compress it to fit various popular web formats (Apple Quicktime, Adobe Flash, Windows Media, IPOD/IPHONE), and upload it to your website.


One (1) Video Clip (under 10 minutes) = $50

Two – Ten (2-10) Video Clips (under 10 minutes) = $30 each

1)  DVD title extraction into MPEG format

2)  Save File as AVI

3)  Encode File for up to four (4) formats: Flash, Quicktime, Windows, MP4)

– Adobe FLV/F4V (Flash 8 and Higher)

– Windows Media WMV (NTSC Source to High Quality Download)

– H.264 (Apple iPod Video Large)

– H.264 (NTSC DV High Quality)

4)  Create Thumbnail from Video

5)  Upload Thumbnail/Video Clip to Web Server

6)  Create Link Presentation of Video Clip

Additional Options:

Install/Configure DHTML Pop-Up Video Player for WP  = $200