Model Website Lease Package

Model Website Lease Package

Our Model Website Lease Package offers any model a “top of the line” website for only $20 per month!

Compare this to the standard package offered by most web design companies.
Initial Hosting Setup = $50
Web Design / Template = $300 – 500
CMS Implementation = $250
Social Networking Modules = $200
Media Gallery = $50/hour
Hosting = $10/month

So with other companies, you’re looking at $800 to $2000 for just the development of your website! That doesn’t include any future editing or technical support sometimes.

With our Model Website Lease Package, you only pay $20/month. No SETUP COSTS! No DESIGN COSTS! No DEVELOPMENT FEES!

Also included are hosting, monthly website backups and technical support.

That’s it! $20 per month and you can have a website like Tatum’s.

[This is a website lease program. Clients owns own all text, logos, images and video content on the site. All server programming, database, and website files are property of Media One Pro. As long as you make your monthly payments on time, you will have access to the admin panel for your site in which you can make changes 24/7. The contract for a website lease is two years. After that, it becomes a month-to-month lease. You are liable for the content on your site. Media One Pro will handle all web hosting and technical support during this website lease, free of charge. The only cost to maintain website is $20/month. Any template/code modifications after the initial development are charged our normal hourly rate.]