Steven Kim

Steve Kim - founder of Skyfire

Steven Kim aka “Dr SEO”

Since 1998, Kim has been employed in the I.T. sector, holding positions such as webmaster, software engineer, internet marketer and SEO consultant, just to name a few. He has worked as a developer with 800.COM, Babcock & Jenkins, Microsoft, Intel and Step Technology. His experience as an SEO consultant for Preferred Ticket gave him great experience in the competitive industry of online ticket sales. In 1998, Kim established “The Spider’s Web”, his first independent venture into the field of web design and programming. In 2002, the company changed its name to “Media One”. In 2009 it was refined to “Media One Pro”. In 2013, the company finalized its name, becoming “Skyfire”. Prior to his IT career in 1998, Kim worked in Sales and Marketing for companies such as Toyota Motor Sales, Cascade Phillips, and Enterprise. Kim enjoys playing sports, personal training, and playing with his dogs, Hachi and Yumi.

Steven Michael Kim
Founder and CEO for Skyfire. Specialist in Internet Marketing Strategy.