We are a Green Company

Media One Pro awarded 2012 Best Green Employer by the Las Vegas Review Journal

Article from the RJ

green business las vegas

  1. We use energy saving light bulbs
  2. We recycle newspapers, glass and aluminum
  3. We use temperature reducing heat reflecting window shades
  4. We have ceiling fans to reduce power usage from air conditioner
  5. Company Policy: Always turn off light when leaving room. Always turn off PC when done with work
  6. Installed power saving energy efficient pool pump
  7. Gas temperature is set on medium-low
  8. Old clothes/items are not thrown away but donated to Goodwill
  9. Old computers are not thrown away but given to charity
  10. We use a reverse osmosis water filter and use aluminum bottles to drink water
  11. (plastic bottled water is not allowed)
  12. Instead of a vending machine, we have a soda water maker and have drink mixes (this saves on aluminum cans and is healthier as we use stevia sweetener instead of splenda or worse, aspartame)
  13. We use earth friendly laundry detergent
  14. Working out of the home saves on gas/travel expenses
  15. Employees are allowed to work from home from time to time, also saving on gas/travel expenses.
  16. Employees use their own dish/coffee mug/glasses
  17. We use silverware and not plastic knives or forks in the break room
  18. We ask food delivery services to not provide napkins or plastic cutlery
  19. We substitute plastic ziplocs and brown/plastic bags with reusable lunch bags/boxes

Being a green company is vital for us as a society. Being green means being responsible and making smart choices.
It makes common sense to use energy saving devices and they pay for themselves in the long-run.

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[blockquote]“If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good!”, Dr. Seuss, The Lorax[/blockquote]