Frequently Asked Questions


[toggle open=”true” title=”Do you build your websites here in Las Vegas?”] Yes, we have a staff here at the office that does all of our work.  We don’t farm out your work to other off-shore companies or contractors straight out of the classifieds.  We’re proud to be a supporter of our local business community. [/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”Why do I need a website?”]Knock knock.  It’s 2012.[/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”What is Responsive Web Design?”]

Responsive Design is when a website can automatically scale to display properly on all types of devices and browsers.  For example, it can display perfectly on a 23″ monitor or on your iphone.[/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”What is a mobile website?”] Simply put, it’s a website that fits in the palm of your hand.  You don’t have to zoom by pinching and squeezing.  The site layouts neat and clean and scrolls vertically, making it simple and easy for the user to navigate. [/toggle][toggle open=”false” title=”How do I know you can REALLY do SEO?”] We are happy to provide case studies, testimonials and references.  We truly are specialized and very experienced at SEO and have the credentials to prove it!  We encourage you to ask other SEO companies for actual PROOF that they have gotten results. We can also provide you with the right questions to ask to ensure you know who you are truly dealing with. [/toggle][toggle open=”false” title=”Are you trustworthy?”] We are one of only a few companies in Las Vegas that has earned the “A” certification by the Better  Business Bureau[/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”How much are your websites?”] Our websites are of the highest quality but at a fraction of the price as the rest of the industry. We can provide you with great prices because our team is strong in developing and we telecommute and work out of a home in Henderson.  We have reduced costs so well that we earned “Best Green Employer of 2012″ by the Las Vegas Review Journal and the Business Press[/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”Are all those websites in your portfolio really you work?”] Yes, those are our actual clients.  We are proud of our clients and love to support and showcase them.  [/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”How much is SEO?”] SEO costs are determined by analyzing the client’s industry, the competition and their level of SEO.  We can offer SEO for any budget but we will always give you our best advice in terms of budget and expectations.  We don’ t have a monthly minimum price nor do we require a long-term commitment.[/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”What are your Terms and Conditions like?”] Our Terms and Conditions are designed to provide you with safety. We don’t take over your online business accounts nor try to take ownership of your domain. You are given complete access to CP and FTP (after contract has been fulfilled).[/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”Do I have full ownership of my domain and website?”] Yes.  We strongly advocate full ownership by the client and we offer guidance in how to obtain such rights in case another company has tried to take over their domain or hosting account.  We don’t host your website on a computer in our office.  We use a national Hosting Provider which provides the best and most reliable web service available.  And you are given access to your site 24/7. [/toggle]

[toggle open=”false” title=”How do I configure gmail to admin my webmail?”] [/toggle]

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